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China Locks Down City on Russian Border – SCMP

Contact tracing is being done to determine the extent of a Covid outbreak in Manzhouli with mass testing due to begin for the city’s 300,000 residents and people told not to leave their homes

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China covid
China has approved Pfizer's Paxlovid and Brii Biosciences's antibody-based medicine for mild and moderate Covid patients with high risk of progressing to severe conditions. Photo: CNSphoto via Reuters.


Officials in Manzhouli in China’s Inner Mongolia have shut schools, stopped public transport, entertainment, dine-in services and group gatherings, according to the South China Morning Post.

Contact tracing is being done to determine the extent of a Covid-19 outbreak and mass testing due to begin for Manzhouli’s 300,000 residents, with people told not to leave their homes, it said on Saturday (November 27).

Read the full story: SCMP.




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