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Latest News: China-US Economic Ties

Chinese Firms See Morocco as Path to US EV Credits – AP
China Far Ahead of the US in Generative AI Patents
US Revoked Eight Licences For Exports to China’s Huawei in 2024
Global Banks Slash Investment Units in China Amid Slowdown – FT
US Ban on Investment Not Good For AI Sector, China Says
China’s BYD Sees Solid Rise in EV Sales in Second Quarter
US, China Team Up to Preserve Armstrong’s Moon Footprint – SCMP
US Law Firm Dechert May Shut Offices in Hong Kong, Beijing
‘Four of Five Huawei AI Chips Defective’ as US Sanctions Bite
US Lawsuit Says Temu Shopping App Has ‘Hidden Spyware’ – AT
US Planning ‘Aggressive’ Rules on Data Security for Chinese EVs
Amazon to Take on Temu, Shein With China-Linked Discount Store

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