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China’s Chengdu Lifts Covid Lockdown of 21 Million Residents

“The epidemic has been effectively controlled,” with the city set to resume life “in an orderly manner,” local authorities said.

Officials extended the Covid lockdown in Chengdu in southwest China on Thursday.
Workers in protective suits prepare to deliver food supplies to a residential compound in Chengdu amid the Covid lockdown, Sichuan province, Sept 2, 2022; CNSphoto via Reuters.


China’s southwestern city of Chengdu of more than 21 million residents will lift its Covid lockdown from Monday, local authorities said on Sunday.

“The epidemic has been effectively controlled,” the note said, with the city set to resume life “in an orderly manner” after more than two weeks of lockdown.

A number of new Covid prevention measures will also be put in place, it added.


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Public Transport, Bars Open

From midnight on Monday, public transport and work across governments, institutions and companies will resume, the notice said.

But proof of a negative COVID test result within 72 hours will be needed to enter public areas or take public transport, in line with similar rules in other large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Bars, mahjong rooms, gyms, swimming pools and other indoor entertainment or leisure venues will open “in an orderly manner” and once opened, will be required to check for proof of a negative COVID test result within 48 hours.


Schools To Open “One at a Time” 

High schools will open “one at a time” and returning students will be strictly tested and offline group activities, events or performances will be discouraged.

“If you do need to hold such an activity, it should be strictly approved in accordance with the principle of “who approves, who is responsible” and “who holds, who is responsible”, the notice added.


  • Reuters, with additional editing from Alfie Habershon


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