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China’s Shift to Renewable Energy Roaring Ahead – Guardian

China is set to double its renewable power capacity years ahead schedule, but most new capacity is not connected to local energy networks because of the country’s old and inflexible power grid

China has seen a 'jaw-dropping surge' in solar and wind power capacity, but its outdated power grid needs improvements, experts say.
China could supply a third of its power consumption from renewable sources by 2030, but it needs new energy storage systems to get its solar and wind power on to local grids. This image shows workers checking solar PV modules in Chuzhou, Anhui province. File photo: AFP.


China  – the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases – is set to double its renewable power capacity to produce 1,200 gigawatts of energy via wind and solar power by 2025, five years ahead of its goal for 2030, according to a report by the Global Energy Monitor, a US-based NGO that tracks global energy projects, which said the country had achieved a “jaw-dropping surge” in solar and wind capacity.

Utility-scale solar capacity reached 228 GW – more than the rest of the world combined, The Guardian reported on Thursday, which added that China had also made big strides in wind power, with its on- and offshore capacity now more than 310 GW – about the same as the next top seven countries combined.

These results were in line with earlier predictions that China could supply a third of its power consumption from renewable sources by 2030, the report said, but much of the new capacity has yet to be connected to local energy supply, or is being bundled with coal power before being relayed to areas of most consumption in the east, because of China’s “outdated electricity grid” and lack of flexibility in transferring energy between regions. “Bolder advancements in energy storage and green technologies” were needed, a GEM researcher was quoted as saying.

Read the full report: The Guardian.




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