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China’s Underwater Data Centre Plan to Cool Costs – IE

The joint public-private project will serve companies like China Telecom and AI firm SenseTime, and see huge savings on land and electricity costs

Land-based data centres generate large amounts of heat.
Land-based data centres generate large amounts of heat.


China is setting up an underwater data centre with the power of 6 million PCs in what is said to be a world first, according to a report by Interesting Engineering.

The project, off the coast of Sanya city on the Hainan island in the south, is a joint venture by China Offshore Oil Engineering and Highlander, a private data centre company, and could see 100 1,300-ton modules eventually submerged about 35m under the water, the report went on.

Land-based data centres use up huge swathes of land, and generate tremendous amounts of heat which the project’s builders say will be naturally cooled by the surrounding sea water.

Read the full story: Interesting Engineering


  • By Sean O’Meara


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