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China’s YMTC Asks US Staff to Leave After US Chip Curbs – FT

The Chinese memory chipmaker YMTC has asked US employees to leave group in a bid to comply with the export restrictions imposed recently by the Biden Administration

A worker inspects chips at the semiconductor packaging firm Unisem (M) Berhad plant in Ipoh
Analysts say Chinese companies had been "extraordinarily adept" at getting round the West's export controls via third parties, groups offshore or shell companies, which can be hard to track because they often change their names. Photo: Reuters.


The Chinese memory chipmaker Yangtze Memory Technologies Co (YMTC) has asked its US employees to leave group, which has received $30bn in support from Beijing, as it seeks to comply with the export restrictions imposed recently by the Biden Administration, the Financial Times reported on Monday, citing four sources.

Several employees in China had already left the company and its longstanding chief executive Simon Yang, said to be a US passport holder, stepped down from his post ahead of the sanctions announcement to become the group’s deputy chair, the report said, but it was unclear how many US citizens and green card holders would be forced to leave YMTC.

Read the full report: The FT.




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