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Chinese Vessels Linked to Taiwan’s Severed Undersea Cables – TN

Chinese fishing boats blamed for latest damage to internet cables to Taiwan, which has become a topic of national security, Taiwan News said

A blockade of Taiwan would be seen as an act of war, a Taiwan security official has said.
A Taiwan Coast Guard ship travels past the coast of China in waters off Nangan island. Photo: Reuters


An investigation has found that Chinese fishing vessels were likely to have been responsible for cutting two undersea cables between Taiwan and its outlying Matsu Islands earlier this month, Taiwan News reported, which said the incidents occurred on February 2 and February 8.

Damaged cables have been reported over 20 times between Taiwan and the Matsu islands over the previous five years, according to the report, which said internet resilience has become a topic of national security and that vessels are expected to arrive on April 20 at the earliest for do repairs estimated to cost from NT$10 million (US$329,000) to NT$20 million.

Read the full report: Taiwan News.



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