Economic Ramifications

Sri Lanka Closes in on $2.9-Billion IMF Loan and China Support

Alongside additional support from China this will mean all funding requirements have been met, President Ranil Wickremesinghe said

9 months ago

Zelenskiy Warns China: Supporting Russia Could Spur World War

Ukraine president and EU leader urge China not to provide weapons to Russia, while China called on certain countries to…

10 months ago

China Seen as Key Player in Talks on UN Ocean Protection Treaty

Genetic resources and finance are tipped to be key issues on a legally binding UN agreement to protect the world's…

10 months ago

Pakistan Set for 33% Inflation in First Half of 2023: Moody’s

Food prices are high and low income households can't avoid paying for that, so we're going to see higher poverty…

10 months ago

Pakistan Kicks Off Talks With IMF on Crucial Funding Package

A new IMF bailout package is urgently needed to aid Pakistan's economic recovery from devastating floods last year

10 months ago

Japan’s Young Likely to Reject State Birth Push – Guardian

Young women are particularly wary of traditional childcare roles in Japan which require men to stay at work and women…

11 months ago

India Planning Record Borrowing in New Financial Year

India's gross indebtedness has more than doubled over the past few years as the government aims to cushion the economic…

11 months ago

Taiwan Gives Citizens $200 to Share Chip Success, Buoy Economy

"The fruit of economic achievements will be shared by all citizens, from young to old," Premier Su Tseng-chang said

11 months ago

China Must Ease Covid Rules to Revive Economy: IMF – SCMP

The IMF identified China's Covid restrictions as a major deterrent for investors, the SCMP said

1 year ago

Western Nations Must Avoid China Dependency: NATO Chief

"We cannot give authoritarian regimes any chance to exploit our vulnerabilities and undermine us," NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said

1 year ago

India’s Growth to Slow to 5.9% in 2023: Goldman Sachs

"We expect growth to be a tale of two halves in 2023, with a slowdown in the first half," Goldman…

1 year ago

Albanese Meets Xi, as Australia and China Eye Warmer Ties

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a formal meeting on Tuesday, which was the first…

1 year ago