Economic Ramifications

Sri Lanka Closes in on $2.9-Billion IMF Loan and China Support

Alongside additional support from China this will mean all funding requirements have been met, President Ranil Wickremesinghe said

3 weeks ago

Zelenskiy Warns China: Supporting Russia Could Spur World War

Ukraine president and EU leader urge China not to provide weapons to Russia, while China called on certain countries to…

1 month ago

China Seen as Key Player in Talks on UN Ocean Protection Treaty

Genetic resources and finance are tipped to be key issues on a legally binding UN agreement to protect the world's…

1 month ago

Pakistan Set for 33% Inflation in First Half of 2023: Moody’s

Food prices are high and low income households can't avoid paying for that, so we're going to see higher poverty…

1 month ago

Pakistan Kicks Off Talks With IMF on Crucial Funding Package

A new IMF bailout package is urgently needed to aid Pakistan's economic recovery from devastating floods last year

2 months ago

Japan’s Young Likely to Reject State Birth Push – Guardian

Young women are particularly wary of traditional childcare roles in Japan which require men to stay at work and women…

2 months ago

India Planning Record Borrowing in New Financial Year

India's gross indebtedness has more than doubled over the past few years as the government aims to cushion the economic…

2 months ago

Taiwan Gives Citizens $200 to Share Chip Success, Buoy Economy

"The fruit of economic achievements will be shared by all citizens, from young to old," Premier Su Tseng-chang said

3 months ago

China Must Ease Covid Rules to Revive Economy: IMF – SCMP

The IMF identified China's Covid restrictions as a major deterrent for investors, the SCMP said

4 months ago

Western Nations Must Avoid China Dependency: NATO Chief

"We cannot give authoritarian regimes any chance to exploit our vulnerabilities and undermine us," NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said

4 months ago

India’s Growth to Slow to 5.9% in 2023: Goldman Sachs

"We expect growth to be a tale of two halves in 2023, with a slowdown in the first half," Goldman…

4 months ago

Albanese Meets Xi, as Australia and China Eye Warmer Ties

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a formal meeting on Tuesday, which was the first…

4 months ago