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Latest News: New Energy

Why $100 Oil Could Hurt, Not Help, The Energy Transition
Used Solar Panels Disposal a Problem – Asahi Shimbun
Australia Mining Magnate Invests $2.2bn In Green Energy Plan
Chinese Tech Giant Tencent Pledges Carbon Neutrality by 2030
EDP Renewables Plans $7bn Clean Energy Hub in Singapore
Australian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Underestimated, Report Says
Shenzhen’s ‘Breathing’ Tower Opens – Civil Engineering
India Can Export $500bn In Green Energy Over 20 Years: Ambani
China’s Solar Power Capacity Set for Record Increase in 2022
Biden Backs New Mines as US Takes Aim at China, Others
Business, Politics Fuel China’s Lithium Quest – SCMP
UN Plans Tougher Emissions Standards for Aircraft

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