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Latest News: Oil & Gas

China Oil Refiners Prepare to Raise Output As Demand Lifts
Push for More Sanctions on Russian Oil Could Irk India – ET
China’s Imports of Russian Oil Surge, But Saudi Top Supplier
China’s Gasoline Exports Surged 97% in August
Global Oil Prices Fall Amid China’s Covid Lockdowns
Indonesia May Buy Cheap Russian Oil: Jokowi – FT
India Says Russian Oil Imports Help Its Inflation Fight
China Oil Demand Plunge a ‘Watershed Moment’
India Is Likely Exporting Refined Russian Oil to the West
Russia Cheated by Grain Deal, Gas Price Cap Stupid: Putin
AF TV: India Likely Selling Sanctioned Russian Oil to the West
China to Buy Russian Gas in Roubles, Yuan, Says Gazprom

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