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FBI Found Huawei Gear Near US Bases Could Disrupt Nukes – CNN

Despite company denials, ‘multiple sources’ told CNN that Huawei equipment could capture and disrupt communications to US nuclear arsenals, the report said

Concern has re-emerged about Huawei cellphone towers erected in the US near military bases in the Midwest. File photo of a technician on a 5G telecom tower by AFP.


Federal officials in the US investigating Chinese land purchases in recent years discovered that equipment made by China’s Huawei on top of cell towers near military bases in the Midwest “was capable of capturing and disrupting highly restricted Defense Department communications, including those used by US Strategic Command, which oversees the country’s nuclear weapons,” a report by CNN says.

Huawei told CNN its equipment was not capable of operating on any communications spectrum allocated to the Defense Department, but “multiple sources” said “there’s no question the Huawei equipment has the ability to intercept not only commercial cell traffic but also the highly restricted airwaves used by the military and disrupt critical US Strategic Command communications” – giving the Chinese a window on America’s nuclear arsenal, the report said, adding that an order to replace the gear has been held up by delays over replacement costs.

Read the full report: CNN.


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