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Financials lead bond index higher

(ATF) With no coupon payments or other market events all indices of the ATF ALLINDEX family closed Tuesday in positive territory.

After Monday’s loss the ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise gauge posted a gain of 0.03% and finished the day at 103.45.

The same gain can be observed for the ATF ALLINDEX Local Government index, which closed at 117.51.

The ATF ALLINDEX Financial gauge increased by 0.07% and shows the highest gain of all ATF ALLINDEX indices.

The second-highest gain, 0.05%, was posted by the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate measure, which moved again closer to 100, only 0.09 points are missing.

The ATF China Bonds 50 main index posted another positive result and ended the day 0.04% higher at 108.24.


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