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Latest News: Semiconductors

China, South Korea, Japan to Meet in First Summit in 4 Years
TSMC Sees ‘Golden Age’, With AI Fuelling 10% Chip Growth
Microsoft Says UAE Deal Could See Transfer of US Chips, AI Tech
Vietnam Asks Foxconn, Others to Cut Power Use to Avert Blackouts
US, EU Must Act Jointly on China’s Industrial Overcapacity: Yellen
China Bans US Firms, Starts Dumping Probe as Trade Rows Flare
US Set to Double Tariffs on Chinese Semiconductors in 2025 – TH
Putin and Xi Condemn the US, Push for Ukraine Settlement
China Shrugs as Biden’s New Tariffs Seen as Election Ploy
Chinese Firms Close in on High-End AI Memory Chips Coup
Chinese Firms Seen Shifting Production Abroad to Avoid US Tariffs
Biden Ramps US Tariffs on Chinese EVs, Metals, PV Cells, Chips

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