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Latest News: Telcos

Honor in 5G tie-up with Qualcomm after cutting ties with Huawei
Alibaba’s ‘$5 billion bond’ plan might need Ma to succeed
Alibaba ‘dismayed’ over Uighur facial recognition technology

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Look beyond US tech stocks and find value in Asia
How Biden’s tech-savvy advisers will engage – and challenge – China
UK government expands and tightens cybersecurity ban on Huawei
India’s app ban deals another trade blow to China
China’s Alibaba, JD.com and Tencent could face break-up
Tech giants could face bans if they break rules, EU says
US Clean Network initiative is “a dirty network”, China says
China tech slides as regulatory gaze intensifies
Huawei to sell Honor unit to Shenzhen govt, Digital China, others

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