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Latest News: Telcos

US and India tighten the screws on Huawei
China on mind, India amends sourcing norms to ring-fence telecom
Meng defence team counter claims HSBC were misled by Huawei chief
New Year Covid curbs blockbuster news for Chinese cinemas
Tencent says exec’s arrest not connected to WeChat app claims
US Commerce Secretary nominee talks tough on Huawei, ZTE
Huawei poised to hang up on premium phone brands P and Mate
Huawei founder praises US tech in first words since Biden took over
China slams Trump’s ‘naked bullying’ of Huawei over latest curbs
Trump hits Huawei in final anti-China flurry
Commerce Sect Ross targets CNOOC as Pentagon adds Xiaomi to list
Trump signs ban on investment in Chinese military-linked firms

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