Hong Kong to Overhaul Its Data System With $132m Contract


Hong Kong’s government is to overhaul its central data system as it accelerates digitalisation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

A four and a half year project will see the Central Electronic Recordkeeping System redesigned as a common service for all bureaus and departments.

The HK$1.02 billion ($132 million) project will include system maintenance and support for 10 years following its implementation.

“The development of the Central Electronic Recordkeeping System will help the government ensure compliance with legal and records management requirements and preserve documentary heritage,” a government spokesman said.

The government said that under the current system civil servants are required to print out emails and electronic documents for filing in paper folders.

“Adopting an electronic record keeping system (ERKS) is a global trend,” it added. “Apart from private organisations, many governments, including Australia, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK, have implemented ERKS to protect their records and enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of records management.”

Azeus Systems Holdings, which previously built a staff vetting system for Hong Kong’s police force is the contractor.

“This represents the single largest contract secured in our corporate history, which will further enhance our recurring income stream for resilient growth,” said Lee Wan Lik, Azeus executive chairman.

Earlier this year, Azeus won an HK$11 million contract to design and develop the police Staff Integrity Checking System over a 16-month period.

The system would streamline the force’s vetting process amid a continuous growth in compliance systems demand, Azeus said.


  • George Russell



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