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Huawei’s HarmonyOS Set to Overtake Apple iOS in China – Fortune

Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro smartphone has been a soaraway success, with state media hailing the phone a national achievement

A Huawei logo is seen on a cell phone screen. Photo: Reuters


Huawei’s homegrown HarmonyOS operating system is set to overtake Apple’s iOS in China this year, Fortune reported, in another sign of the sanctions-hit tech firm’s recent resurgence.

The Chinese company had used the Android operating system in its smartphones but turned to its HarmonyOS in August 2019 after the Trump administration blacklisted Huawei, forcing it to get Washington’s approval for any purchases of US technology, the story went on.

Huawei is reportedly now gearing up to abandon Android entirely. Previous versions of HarmonyOS supported apps developed for Android, but Huawei’s next update will end this compatibility, creating what the company calls a “pure” operating system.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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