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Japan Turns Back to Nuclear Power in Historic Shift – AP

Japan has set a new target for 20% of the country’s energy coming from nuclear power by 2030, AP News says

MPs in Japan are pushing for a new law to reveal the real owners of land bought near army facilities and key infrastructure, amid concern about spying by China, Russia and North Korea.
Japan's government will defend its nuclear plants after seeing Russia's targeted missile strikes on Ukraine's nuclear plants over the last year. Reuters file photo.


Japan initiated a plan on Thursday to shift towards nuclear power in a seismic policy shift for the country scarred by the Fukushima disaster, AP News reported.

The global fuel crisis, reducing carbon emission, and rising prices have led to Japan’s u-turn, said the report, which will see its government restart old nuclear facilities and develop next-generation reactors.

Read the full report: AP News.

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Alfie Habershon

Alfie is a Reporter at Asia Financial. He previously lived in Mumbai reporting on India's economy and healthcare for data journalism initiative IndiaSpend, as well as having worked for London based Tortoise Media.


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