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Latest News: Clean Energy

India Emissions See Big Fall; Jakarta World’s Most Polluted City
Korea Superconductor Papers Published ‘Without Consent’ – Yonhap
India Emits Record CO2 in Fastest Power Output Rise in 33 Years
Greed, Inefficiencies Fuel China’s Costly New Coal Power Plants
Japan Clean Energy Share Can Reach 90% By 2035, Says Study
India Planning to Classify Clean Tech to Attract Investors
Japan Turns Back to Nuclear Power in Historic Shift – AP
Western Firms Race to Set up Green Hydrogen in Asia – Nikkei
Kamala Harris Announces $20 Mil Clean Energy Fund For Mekong
India Aims to Make Green Energy Use Mandatory – Mint
China Solar Panel Makers Left Off US Forced Labour Ban List
US, IEA Ask Asia to Cut Reliance on China, Russia For Energy

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