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Fed’s unlimited QE forces market rebound
Fed’s unlimited QE forces market rebound

Trade of the Day: Stocks sold off as US Senate grapples with aid plan passage but reversed losses after...

China Issues $201bn of bonds
China Issues $201bn of bonds

(ATF) – China has issued 1.41 trillion yuan (about US$ 201.1 billion) of new local government bonds...

$1-trillion US economic rescue package crashes in Senate
$1-trillion US economic rescue package crashes in Senate

WASHINGTON: A trillion-dollar Senate proposal to rescue the reeling US economy crashed to defeat on Sunday after receiving zero...

How China brought the world to a standstill
Asian markets continue to tumble
Investors may dip toes after big stimulus moves
Fed’s dollar swap lines calm markets… for now
Market stoked by support moves in volatile trade
China’s central bank to issue offshore RMB bills in Hong Kong
Hubei firm does first interbank bond swap

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ASML in the Centre of the Chip War

With a market cap of$240 billion, chipmaker ASML is Europe’s most valuable tech company. Its market-leading position comes from its monopoly in Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) machines which allow chipmakers to make smaller, faster and smarter semiconductors