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Mega Methane Leaks Risking Climate Disaster – Guardian

One thousand ‘super-emitting’ methane leaks were identified last year, the worst of which was equal to the pollution from 67m running cars

Emissions rise in the sky from a Conoco-Phillips oil refinery in San Pedro, California. Photo: Reuters.
Satellite data identified the US, Russia and Turkmenistan as the worst methane emitters.


The potent greenhouse gas methane was allowed to pour out of more than 1,000 sites worldwide in 2022, mostly from oil and gas facilities, The Guardian reported, with scientists worried over the “scary” surge.

Satellite data identified the US, Russia and Turkmenistan as the worst offenders. The biggest incident saw a leak of 427 tonnes an hour in August, near Turkmenistan’s Caspian coast and a major pipeline. That single leak was equivalent to the rate of emissions from 67m cars, or the hourly national emissions of France, the report went on.

Full story: The Guardian


  • By Sean O’Meara


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