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‘Out of Control’ Chinese Rocket to Hit Earth Saturday – Gizmodo

China’s Long March 5B rocket is not equipped with reignited engines, meaning it cannot be steered away from populated areas, report says

'Out of control' Chinese rocket is due to hit earth on Saturday, report says.
A Long March-5B rocket takes off in China on July 24, 2022. China Daily via Reuters.


An “out-of-control” space rocket launched by China on Monday is set to plunge back down to earth on Saturday (Asian time) at a still unknown location, according to the latest estimate in a report by Gizmodo, which said the Long March 5B rocket was used to deliver the final part of the Tiangong space station.

“Most rocket stages are brought down with reignited engines, allowing them to be steered away from populated areas, but not the Long March 5B. Very irresponsibly, China’s space agency hasn’t taken this precaution with its heavy-lift launch vehicle, leaving it largely up to chance as to where it might land,” the report said, adding that this is the fourth time that a remnant from China’s Long March 5B rocket “has threatened human lives and property”.

Read the full report: Gizmodo.





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