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Oz Tycoon Sorry For Saying Job Losses a Good Thing – BBC

Tim Gurner apologised after proposing the country’s unemployment rate should be allowed to rise by 40-50% to reduce “arrogance in the market”

Tim Gurner speaking at a property summit. Photo: Australian Financial Review/BBC


An Australian tycoon, who said unemployment should be allowed to rise to remind arrogant workers of their place, has been forced to apologise after his remarks were met with a storm of protest, the BBC reported.

Tim Gurner, one of the country’s richest men who made his money as a gym owner and property mogul, had said: “We need to see pain in the economy”. He said joblessness needed to rise by 50% to reduce “arrogance in the employment market”, the report went on. That rise would have seen more than 200,000 people lose their jobs in the country and Gurner has now said he “regrets” the remarks.



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  • By Sean O’Meara


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Sean O'Meara

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