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Latest News: Asia

Chip Plants, AI, Boeing Deals Agreed at US-Vietnam Meetings
China’s Gotion Gets US Nod on $2 Billion Lithium Battery Plant
Five Big Chinese Cities Lift Home Buying Curbs to Aid Developers
Seeking China Hedge, Top US Chip Firms to Join Biden in Vietnam
Deflationary Pressures on China Ease, But Demand Still Weak
India, US, Saudi, EU Sign Ports Deal To Counter China Amid G20
Modi-Biden ‘Affirm’ Tech, Defence Ties Ahead of India G20 Summit
Threat of More Chip Curbs Spurs Warnings on China Innovation
New Huawei Phone Made With ‘50% More Homegrown Chip Parts’
China’s Ban on iPhone Use Expands to Local and State Entities
Top China Auto Chipmaker Racks Up $2.7 Billion in State Funding
Global Finance System at Risk of a ‘Great Fracture’, UN Chief Warns

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