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Latest News: Asia

YMTC Working to Make Advanced Chips With Local Tech – SCMP
China Looking to 3D Print Lunar Buildings Using Moon Soil
China ‘Needs to Fix its Electricity Grid, Not More Coal Power’
South Korea Asked Not to Fill Chip Gap if China Bans Micron
Low-Priced China-Made Teslas to be Shipped to Canada
BYD to Build $290m EV Battery Component Plant in Chile
World Faces Worst Rice Shortage In 20 Years – CNBC
Huawei Replaces US-Sanctioned System That ‘Threatened Survival’
India Expects Apple to Triple Investment After Cook-Modi Meet
Deaths, Health Crisis as Severe Heatwave Rocks Asia – Guardian
Seagate to Pay $300m Fine for 7m Hard Drives Sent to Huawei
TSMC Seeks up to $15 Billion in US CHIPS Act Subsidies

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