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Russia Offers to Get India Big Tankers for Cheap Oil – Insider

Moscow told India it will help it get use of large tankers to avoid the price cap put on Russian oil, as well as access to insurance and shipping

Russia has offered to help India get access to big tankers, in a bid to allow it to keep buying large amounts of Russian crude, a new report says.
A file photo of an oil tanker in the Bosphorus. Photo: Reuters


Moscow has sought to help India get use of large oil tankers to avoid the price cap put on Russian crude by the G7 group, plus access to insurance and shipping, according to a report by Business Insider, which said Russia’s Deputy PM Alexander Novak welcomed the decision by New Delhi not to agree to the price cap of $60 a barrel, as it has been a major buyer of discounted Russian oil after sanctions imposed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“In order not to depend on the ban on insurance services and tanker chartering in the European Union and Britain, the Deputy Prime Minister offered India cooperation on leasing and building large-capacity ships,”the Russian Foreign Ministrysaid in a statement, the report said, adding that Novak offered assistance to Pavan Kapoor, India’s ambassador to Moscow.

Read the full report: Business Insider.





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Jim Pollard

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