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Sino-US spat weighs on China bonds

(ATF) The dispute between China and the US has left a mark on the ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise index, which posted its biggest retreated since the beginning of the year, dropping 0.18% to 103.19. That marked its sixth consecutive day of losses.

All other indices were neutral-to-positive, with the ATF ALLINDEX Local Government gauge posting the biggest gain, of 0.13%, and climbing to a new record of 117.83.

The ATF ALLINDEX Corporate measure seems to have been less affected by the dispute, climbing 0.04%, to end the day at 100.18.

Financial bonds showed not a lot of movement and the ATF ALLINDEX Financials went up by 0.01% locking the index in at 107.77.

The flagship ATF China Bond 50 index ended the day flat at 103.16. Since it is built bottom up from the other indices it is remarkable that the steep decline of the Enterprise index didn’t put it into negative territory. 


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