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Latest News: China Semiconductor

Tencent to Turn to Chinese Chips as US Bans Risk Cloud Service
China’s Top Chipmaker Sees Third-Quarter Profit Plunge 70%
Huawei, US-Sanctioned Firms Win as China Dumps Western Tech
Nvidia to Stop Some AI Chip Exports to China Immediately
ASML Employee Who Stole Chip Secrets ‘Went to Work at Huawei’
US Curbs Set Off Sales, Tech Boom for China Chip Equipment Firms
China Issues Gallium, Germanium Licences as Exports Sink
South Korea Talks to US on Chip Curbs As Waivers Near Expiry
Seeking China Hedge, Top US Chip Firms to Join Biden in Vietnam
Threat of More Chip Curbs Spurs Warnings on China Innovation
Top China Auto Chipmaker Racks Up $2.7 Billion in State Funding
China Plans $40bn Bonanza for Chips After Huawei Breakthrough

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