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Latest News: Computer Chip

US to ‘Indefinitely Extend’ China Chip Waivers For South Korea
China Issues Gallium, Germanium Licences as Exports Sink
South Korea Talks to US on Chip Curbs As Waivers Near Expiry
‘Frustrated’ in US, TSMC Finds Japan Chipmaking a ‘Natural Fit’
Threat of More Chip Curbs Spurs Warnings on China Innovation
Top China Auto Chipmaker Racks Up $2.7 Billion in State Funding
China Plans $40bn Bonanza for Chips After Huawei Breakthrough
TSMC US Plant Hit With Taiwanese Workers Ban Call – 9to5Mac
China Expecting Key Native Lithography Machine This Year: SCMP
AMD to Build Massive $400 Million Chip Design Centre in India
Stagnant Demand, China Woes Temper Waning Chip Glut Cheer
US Senate Passes Weaker Bill on China Tech Investments Scrutiny

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