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Latest News: Power Generators

Fusion Startup Says It Surpassed Heat of Sun’s Core – Recharge
Greed, Inefficiencies Fuel China’s Costly New Coal Power Plants
Pakistan Grid Outage Leaves Tens of Millions Without Power
Vietnam Plans to Double Wind Power With $13bn US Project
China’s Carbon Market Hampered by Fraud, ‘Weak’ Design
Power Plants in Three Gorges Sold to China Yangtze For $12bn
Japan Power Supply Creaks As Tokyo Faces Worst Ever Heatwave
Power Worries in Japan Amid Rising Heat As Wet Season Ends
Japan to Make Wind Power Project Bids More Transparent
Chinese Coal Groups Urge Production Boost to Avoid Outages
Japan Cancels Funding for Bangladesh Coal Power Plant
UK to Remove Chinese Investor from Nuclear Project – Telegraph

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