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Latest News: Server Chips

China Plans $40bn Bonanza for Chips After Huawei Breakthrough
ASML to Ship Top Tech to China Even as Dutch Chip Ban Starts
China Expecting Key Native Lithography Machine This Year: SCMP
AMD to Build Massive $400 Million Chip Design Centre in India
Stagnant Demand, China Woes Temper Waning Chip Glut Cheer
Foxconn Says ‘Committed To India’ After Quitting Vedanta JV
Huawei Unveils Tech ‘to Boost China’s AI Computing Power’
Chip Arm Losses Tank Samsung’s Second-Quarter Profits by 96%
US to Cut China Access to Amazon, Microsoft Cloud Computing: WSJ
Taiwan Asks EU to Deepen Ties if it Wants TSMC Chip Investments
Nvidia Feels ‘Perfectly Safe’ Relying Heavily on Taiwan Chips
SoftBank Shares Soar as Arm Rolls Out New Smartphone Chip Tech

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