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Latest News: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Gives 40-Year Tax Deal to China Port City Investors
Sri Lanka PM Urges Rapid Response from IMF Team
Sri Lanka Needs China Deal Rejig to Fund $5bn in Essentials
Sri Lanka Seeks $6bn to Repay Fuel Bills, Bolster Forex
Sri Lanka Counts on China Loan Amid IMF Talks – FT
Sri Lanka Holds Rates Steady as $130m Funding Pays for Fuel
Sri Lanka Braces for Ratings Default Over Missed Payments
Sri Lanka Streets Calm After State of Emergency Declared
Debt-Ridden Sri Lanka to Seek New Help From World Bank
Sri Lanka Talks to China on Debt Rejig After IMF Meetings
World Bank Preparing $500m Aid Package, Sri Lanka Says
UN Group Pitches Basic Income Proposal to Sri Lanka – FT

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