China Shows Sign of Easing Video Game Crackdown – CNBC

A batch of 70 new games were approved for release last week, report said

6 months ago

India Blocks Korean Game Amid Concern on China Data-Sharing

The government blocked the game because of concern about data sharing and mining in China. Tencent owns a major stake…

10 months ago

Steam App Helps China Users Evade Censors – MIT Tech Review

Steam lets Chinese users, who account for at least 40% of Wallpaper Engine’s global user base, bypass censors to download…

10 months ago

China Videogame Sector Reports First-Ever Drop in Revenue

Combined revenue fell 1.8% to 147.7 billion yuan ($21.8 billion) in the six months ended June 30, the China Audio-Video…

10 months ago

China’s Bilibili Launches Pay-Per-View Channels Amid Crackdown

Bilibili's market capitalisation has shrunk from its peak of about $54 billion last February to just over $10 billion this…

11 months ago

Japanese Gaming Giant Nexon Plots Global Expansion

The company is one of the world's 10 largest video-game firms by market capitalisation, with its $22 billion valuation larger…

12 months ago

Chinese Mobile Gaming Firms Rake in $2.3bn in May – Xinhua

Tencent was the top-ranked Chinese mobile game publisher by revenue, followed by NetEase and miHoYo

12 months ago

Videogame Giants Snubbed in China’s Latest Licence Grants

China's gaming regulator granted publishing licences to 60 games, none of which were made by Tencent Holdings or NetEase. Foreign…

12 months ago

China Military Secrets Posted on Game Forum, TechRadar Says

A player shared schematics for a shell fired by the Chinese Type 96 tank in a forum post, which was…

12 months ago

Sony to Boost PlayStation 5 Output, Broaden PC, Mobile Titles

The PS5, launched in November 2020, undersold its predecessor in its second year due to component shortages which have roiled…

1 year ago

China Lockdown Risk Weighs As Sony Looks to Sell 18m Consoles

Strong game sales helped Sony more than double fourth-quarter operating profit as it encourages online game downloads and sign-ups for…

1 year ago

China Bans Unregulated Streaming of Video Games

The National Radio and Television Administration said the move was designed to eliminate "online live broadcast chaos", as well as…

1 year ago