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Taiwan Says Chinese Ships Severed Island’s Internet Cables – AP

But Taipei stopped short of calling it a deliberate act and admitted there was no clear evidence to show the Chinese ships were responsible

A blockade of Taiwan would be seen as an act of war, a Taiwan security official has said.
A Taiwan Coast Guard ship travels past the coast of China in waters off Nangan island. Photo: Reuters


Taiwanese authorities have repeated claims that Chinese ships were responsible for cutting submarine internet cables linking Taiwan’s main island with Matsu, one of its outlying outposts close to neighboring China, AP reported.

The National Communications Commission, citing the island’s telecom service, said two Chinese ships cut the cables. It said a Chinese fishing vessel is suspected of severing the first cable some 50km out at sea and six days later, on February 8, a Chinese cargo ship cut the second, the report went on.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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