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Tesla Buyers Bailing Because of Musk, the ‘Troll’ – CNET

Buyers have been cancelling orders to buy Tesla electric vehicles because of Elon Musk’s “toxic behaviour” since he took over Twitter, a new report says

Researchers in Britain say propaganda by authoritarian regimes in Russia, China and Iran have attracted more followers since Twitter dropped its labels on 'state-controlled media'
Elon Musk tweeted last year that "All news sources are partially propaganda". And now, researchers say Twitter accounts of authoritarian regimes are spewing out disinformation - and dragging in tens of thousands more viewers. File photo: Reuters.


Buyers who ordered cars from Tesla have been ringing up to cancel their purchase of electric vehicles because of Elon Musk’s “toxic behaviour” and “chaotic” leadership style since he took over Twitter, according to a report by CNET, which said a poll by YouGov found that opinions about Tesla among car buyers had shifted radically over the past two months.

Big advertisers have bailed on Twitter, while Tesla’s shares have plummeted more than 33% since the Twitter deal was finalized on October 27, it said, while many users are reportedly look at alternate social media site ‘Post’.

Read the full report: CNET.



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