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Latest News: Electric Vehicles

TSMC in Talks To Build Chip Factory in Germany – Nikkei
China Battery Giant CATL Seals UK Partnership – Pandaily
Tesla China Boss Sent to US to Fix Faltering Production
Indonesia Eyes $320-Million Incentive Plan to Boost EV Sales
India’s Electric Vehicle Sales Soar 900% Over Two Years – ET
Tesla Buyers Bailing Because of Musk, the ‘Troll’ – CNET
It is Risky to Only Pursue EVs, Toyota Chief Says – WSJ
India’s Electric Bus Firms Struggle to Access Bank Loans
China EV-Maker BYD to Launch a Second New Brand in 2023
Warren Buffett Continues to Trim Stake in China EV-Maker BYD
Asian Battery Giants, German Auto Kings the New EV Powers
West Forms Green Alliance Against China For Key EV Minerals

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