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Latest News: Space

Chinese Astronauts Return to Earth After Longest Space Mission
China Hatching a Plan to Find Earth 2.0 – Nature
SpaceX, Axiom Launch Private Astronauts – WSJ
China Slams AUKUS Hypersonic Missile Pact as Asian NATO
`Canyon of Fire’ on Sun Spits Solar Wind at Earth – LiveScience
Beijing Opposes Hypersonic Weapons Cooperation Plan
NASA Mars Recordings Reveal Two Speeds of Sound – Nature
South Korea Hails First Solid-Fuel Rocket Launch
Inflation Sparks Price Rises at Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Starlink
Australian Fires Damaged Ozone Layer – New Scientist
Russia’s Ukraine Hypersonic Missile Claim Misses The Mark
China Project to Give Phone Users Access to Space Cameras – SCMP

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