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Latest News: Space

Inflation Sparks Price Rises at Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Starlink
Australian Fires Damaged Ozone Layer – New Scientist
Russia’s Ukraine Hypersonic Missile Claim Misses The Mark
China Project to Give Phone Users Access to Space Cameras – SCMP
Wuhan To Become China’s ‘Valley of Satellites’ in Space Push
Asian Nations Seek Space Launch Alternatives – Nikkei
China Companies Launch Into Metaverse – Shanghai Daily
Elon Musk Sees Major Inflation Risks at Tesla, SpaceX
US Suspects North Korea Tested Ballistic Missile System
North Korea Plans Satellite Launches to Monitor US, Allies
China Mars Rover Finds Weathering – New Scientist
China Scientists Build Rocket Engine Driven by Explosions – SCMP

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