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US Lawmakers, TikTok Close in on Data Security Deal

ByteDance has so far resisted US demands to divest TikTok, with the details of the new data security deal still being hammered out

TikTok finfluencers explainer
TikTok posted more than a dozen job vacancies for its US fulfilment centres. Photo: Reuters


US lawmakers and TikTok are closing in on agreed changes to the app’s governance and data security, the New York Times reported.

The agreement, currently in its draft stage, aims to resolve US national security concerns without requiring the app to be sold off by its parent firm, China’s ByteDance, the Times said.


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TikTok has long faced scrutiny from US lawmakers due to the close ties between its parent firm ByteDance and China’s Communist government.

Tensions heightened further this year after leaked audio tapes of TikTok employees confirmed the app is likely sharing private US user data with Chinese authorities, BuzzFeed reported

Suspicions were then raised by the US Federal Communications Commission that the CCP tracks US TikTok users in the military to glean information on US military strategy. This also prompted the UK parliament to delete its own official account.

ByteDance has so far resisted US demands to divest TikTok, with the details of the current deal still being hammered out.

The two firms did not respond to requests for comment.


  • Reuters, with additional editing from Alfie Habershon


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