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Latest News: AF China Bond 50 Index

China Stocks See Best Week in a Year Despite Downcast Economy
US Firms See Better Prospects in China But Will Hold Investment
China Asks Local Governments Not to Use Tech Funds to Pay Debt
Will Evergrande Really be Liquidated? Not if China Says No
Canon Says New ‘Stamp’ Machine Will Slash Chipmaking Costs – FT
China Imposes Fresh Curbs On Share Lending Amid Market Slide
China’s Guangzhou Fully Eases Large Home Purchase Limits
As Suez Canal Trade Tanks, China Warns Iran on Red Sea Attacks
Jack Ma Snaps Up Alibaba Stock to Become its Largest Shareowner
Losses on $50bn Leveraged Products Behind China Stocks Plunge
China Warns Officials Against Falsifying Economic Data
Shein ‘Facing Cybersecurity Review’ in China Ahead of US IPO

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