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AI Model Boosts Scientists’ Nuclear Fusion Energy Dream – IS

An artificial intelligence (AI) trained on previous experiments has been able to predict instabilities in the complicated process

US lab hits fusion milestone, raising hopes for clean power.
Nuclear fusion energy is on-polluting, safe and almost limitless: File photo: Reuters


An AI model may have helped scientists make a long-awaited breakthrough in efforts to develop the Holy Grail of energy – nuclear fusion power, IFL Science reported.

Fusion has long been seen as the perfect energy source because it’s non-polluting, safe and almost limitless, producing nearly four million times more energy by mass than burning fossil fuels, the story continued.

But it needs the kinds of temperatures and pressures that are only found in the hearts of stars and so, until now, has been very difficult to totally replicate. However, scientists at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility in San Diego have trained an AI model to reveal some instabilities in the process, which will guide future efforts.

Read the full story: IFL Science 


  • By Sean O’Meara


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