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Cosmic Metal Could Break China’s Rare Earths Grip – Yahoo

Cambridge scientists have managed to replicate a magnetic metal found in meteorites that could replace eco-damaging rare earths minerals

Rare earths in China
Rare earths are loaded up for processing. Photo: AFP


UK scientists have been working to recreate a cosmic metal found in meteorites which, if they are successful, could end the West’s dependence on China for the rare earth metals used in almost all tech devices, Yahoo news reported.

Tetrataenite, an iron-nickel alloy, is formed during the course of millions of years in space, the report citing The Cool Down went on, but in the absence of tractor beams or transporters, scientists say they been able to replicate the magnetic metal in the lab but have yet to test it in real world applications.

“Between the environmental impacts, and the heavy reliance on China, there’s been an urgent search for alternative materials that do not require rare earths,” Cambridge professor Lindsay Greer said in a Cambridge report.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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