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Latest News: Rare Earths

Prominent US Politicians Demand Tighter SMIC Export Restrictions
China Sets First Rare Earth Mining Quotas for 2022
Chinese Miner Wins Rare Earth Rights in Laos – RFA
Rio Tinto Shares Slide as Serbia Scraps $2.4bn Lithium Deal
US Bill Aims to End China Dominance of Rare Earths Market
Malaysia Approves Disposal Site for Rare Earths Miner
China Minmetals Unit Confirms Plan for Rare Earth Supergroup
Chinese Rare-Earth Giants Join Forces – Nikkei Asia
China May Expand Rare Earths Mining In Bayan Obo
China Warns Miners Against ‘Blindly’ Visiting Afghanistan
Chinese Metal Producers Threaten Health of Millions – Caixin
GM to Domestically Source Rare Earth Magnets for EVs

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