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Latest News: AI

Chinese Chip Firms Closed at a Record Rate in 2023 – TH
Scientists Reveal AI Headset That Turns Thoughts Into Text – IE
China Firms Rush to Poach Nvidia Clients With AI Chip Offerings
OpenAI Investigating ‘Lazy’ ChatGPT Claims – Independent
Chipmaker AMD Forecasts $400bn Data Centre AI Chip Market
Google-Owner Alphabet Unveils Its ChatGPT Rival Gemini
China Says New Supercomputer Outperforms Previous World No1
China’s Big Fund Bumps Up Investments in Chip Supply Chains
Raimondo’s Nvidia Chip Warning, Vow of Firmer Curbs Irks China
China’s Underwater Data Centre Plan to Cool Costs – IE
Microsoft Dismisses Dangerous AI Worry, Says Tech Decades Away
China Investment Curbs May Not be Part of Key US Defence Bill

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