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Latest News: AI

ASML Sees Hit From US Chip Curbs But Could Enjoy 2025 Boom
North Korea Using AI to Boost Surveillance, Study Claims
OpenAI’s Altman Seeking Billions for AI Chip Venture – FT
TSMC’s AI Bet Triggers Mega Chip Rally, Except in China
China Takes First Steps Towards Standardising AI Industry
UN Chief: Big Tech Chasing AI Profits Ignoring Risks – Guardian
OpenAI Shifts Stance on Military Use of AI Tools – CNBC
AI Will Worsen Global Inequality, Replace Jobs, Says IMF – BBC
China’s Military, AI Bodies Still Buying Nvidia Chips Despite US Ban
China Big Tech Hacks Back Investment, Expansion Plans – SCMP
US, China Experts Held Secret AI Safeguarding Talks – FT
Intel to Take on Qualcomm, Nvidia in Auto AI Chip Fight

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