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Latest News: Cyber Security

Huawei Unit Seen Shipping Chinese-Made Surveillance Chips
EU Will Seek More Detail From China on Data, Anti-Spying Laws
China Denies iPhone Ban Claim But Warns of ‘Security Incidents’
China’s Ban on iPhone Use Expands to Local and State Entities
About Half of American Adults Favour TikTok Ban, Poll Finds
China’s Slow Response to its Economic Woes Puzzling Investors
China to Tighten Facial Recognition Tech Use Rules – SCMP
Philippines-China Row Over Grounded Warship Heats Up
North Korea Hackers Breached Russian Missile Maker’s Systems
US Seen Clamping Down on Investment in China Funds
US Senate Passes Weaker Bill on China Tech Investments Scrutiny
North Korea Hackers Targeted Crypto in US Tech Firm Attack

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