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Latest News: Cyber Security

Twitter Has a Chinese Spy, Says Its Former Security Chief
China ‘Stolen Personal Data of 80% of Americans’ – The Hill
India Must Regulate Internet Shutdowns, Say Tech Giants
China’s Child Smartwatch Market Doubles Over 4 Years – Nikkei
China Blames US For University Server Attack – SCMP
Samsung Admits US Data Breach Saw Customer Data Exposed
China Says Licences Needed for Mapping by ‘Smart Cars’
Japan to Change Floppy Disk Data Storage Rules – Nikkei
China Reassures Battered Tech Firms, Wants ‘Can-Do’ Relations
UK Parliament Shuts TikTok Account Due to China Data Links
Hackers Post Welcome Pelosi Note on China Website – Taiwan News
China, North Korea Among Suspects in US Courts Data Breach

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