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Latest News: Cyber Security

TikTok Says Australian Data Can Be Accessed in China
Myanmar Sets Up China-Made CCTVs in More Cities
China Cybersecurity Regulator to Enforce New Data Rules
FBI, MI5 Warn World of ‘Breathtaking’ China Economic Threat
US Senators Demand Probe Over TikTok User Data
Hacker Claims to Have Stolen Data on 1bn Chinese in Record Breach
China Regulator Cracks Down on Online Investment Fraud
China Regulator Issues Rules on Sending Personal Data Abroad
China Hiring Uni Students for Industrial Espionage – FT
China Cybersecurity Police to Crack Down on Trolls, Fake Accounts
China’s New Mobile App Rules Come Into Force From August 1
US Says Chinese Hackers `Compromise’ Major Telecom Firms

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