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Latest News: Telcos

US Urged to Cut Off Huawei and ZTE From $1.9 Trillion Rescue Fund
Zoom to Buy Five9 for $14.7bn as Facebook, Google Ramp Up Competition
Strong Chip Prices Help Power Samsung Profits Leap
China pushes for 5G and power network convergence
Samsung hooks up with Vodafone in breakthrough 5G network deal
Huawei launches homegrown mobile phone system
India joins global undersea cable race with Reliance Jio’s help
Switch to software innovation, Huawei founder urges
Australia backs plan for new rare earths refinery
Tencent bond deal raises $4.15bn as investors ignore tech crackdowns
US ‘China hawks’ urge Huawei treatment for other firms
Cash-rich Xiaomi determined to boost its share price

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