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Latest News: Biotech

Chinese Biotech Giant WuXi ‘Sent US Client’s Data to Beijing’
China Aims for Self Sufficiency in Emerging Tech, AI, Big Data
Chinese Biotech Stocks Plunge Again on Call for Sanctions Review
China’s WuXi Stocks Plunge on Fears Over US Biotech Bill
Growing Interest in Indian Drug Makers Amid ‘China De-Risking’
Moderna Signs Big Deal to Develop mRNA Vaccines in Shanghai
EU to Discuss Ideas on Guarding Top Tech From China, Russia
AstraZeneca Planning to Spin Off China Business – FT
Firms Backing China’s PLA Pilots, Missiles Hit in US Crackdown
US to Target Investment in China Chips, AI, Quantum Computing
‘De-China’ Move: Tech Owners Keen to Leave, Avoid US Rivalry
Chinese Firms Swap Auditors to Avoid Delisting in US – Nikkei

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